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Plan Ahead to Socialize Your Puppy Early! Nancy Kerns

Everything You Need to Know About All Things Puppy!
For you brand new puppy owners, this great article answers all of your big questions: Why does my puppy need so many shots? What is the shot schedule for a puppy? ...
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Loose Leash Walking Nancy Tucker

Help train your dog to pull less on your walks! It can be done!
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Be Careful Who You Trust Your Dogs To! Sassafras Lowrey

When Shopping for Dog Walkers, Here Are Some Important Things to Remember!
Not sure who to trust when you are searching for a dog walker? Here are some great tips to get you started!
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Mastering On-Leash Dog Walking for Off-Leash Security Nancy Kerns

The secret of walking your dogs on-leash (and off-).
One thing I don’t do very much of is walking my dogs on leash. I am super lucky; I live in an area with any number of safe, interesting places to walk ...
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Training a Dog to Make Choices Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Why some handlers strive to empower their dogs to make more of their own choices.
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Less Commanding, More Rewarding Nan Kené Arthur

Dogs are persistently manipulated with verbal commands, equipment, and physical prompting to perform behaviors (such as pushing them into a sit) become reliant on their pet parents to do everything for ...
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