Giving Back

The Importance of Giving Back

Soon after the start up of Recess4Rover, David and Tina set a goal of being able to regularly donate to animal related nonprofits. They realized the importance of giving back to the organizations who make a real difference in the lives of "the underdog", helping them to become more viable, comfortable, and healthy. Two organizations were chosen, both of which David and Tina have had personal experience with.


The Humane Society of West Alabama is a no kill, all volunteer, nonprofit animal rescue organization in Tuscaloosa. Tina and David have volunteered there for many years, with Tina serving on the board of directors as vice president and adoption counselor for the doghouse. The HSWA provides shelter, love, and health care to orphaned/unwanted cats and dogs in the West Alabama area while they await their forever homes. They operate separate and outstanding dog and cat facilities. The Humane Society of West Alabama's website is


Joey's P.A.W. is a 501(C)(3) charity which provides partial or full funds to dogs and other animals that are in need of a wheelchair, harness, shoes, or prosthetics. They also have an adoption site of special needs dogs to help them get adopted. Their hope is not only to change the lives of the animals being helped by providing them with the tools they need to live a more normal life, but they also hope to change people's perception on special needs dogs and what a joy it is to have them in their lives. Tina and David found Joey's P.A.W. when their beloved boxer, Nash, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopothy, which resulted in his back legs being paralyzed. Nash's wheelchair helped him be as normal a dog as he could be, until his death in December of 2018. Joey's P.A.W.'s website is


If you are searching for a dog related nonprofit to make a tax deductible donation to, please consider one of these excellent organizations.