Meet David and Tina

David and Tina Miller

Tina and David Miller have been blessed to serve as public school teachers for almost 30 years. For the past 9 years, they served together on the staff of a local church. Hard work, dependability, organization, and the willingness to serve are hallmarks of their work history. Being lifelong dog lovers and owners of several dogs throughout the years, Tina and David have loved all kinds of dogs: energetic puppies, couch potatoes, active, playful pups, even those with chronic illnesses.

Tina and David know the importance of walking their own dogs twice daily. Their favorite saying is, “A tired dog is a good dog!” As volunteers at the “doghouse” for The Humane Society of West Alabama, they both believe in adoption and rescue. Tina serves as the Vice President of the HSWA Board of Directors, Adoption Counselor, and she appears each Tuesday on the WVUA 5:00 newscast with an adoptable dog.