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Dog Walking Service in Tuscaloosa

Do you work long hours or does your busy lifestyle keep you away from your home for most of the day? Maybe you are physically limited and need some extra help walking your furry companion. Whatever the reason, hiring a professional dog walker not only helps you, but it also can do wonders for your dog’s emotional and physical health! Let Recess4Rover exercise your fur babies during the day!

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As a life-long dog lover and owner, I know the importance of daily, brisk walks for your dog:

A consistent walk time can provide one on one attention, potty breaks, and that much needed exercise!

A consistent walk time affords the pet owner peace of mind knowing that their beloved dog is not stuck inside all day and is receiving “hands on time”, an opportunity to relieve himself, and lots of exercise! This will help to ensure that your dog is both relaxed and ready to receive and snuggle with you at the end of the day.

A consistent walk time provides visual and sensory stimulation for your dog. This helps to relieve stress or anxiety that your dog may feel when left home alone for long periods of time.

A consistent walk time can decrease the amount of boredom in your dog which can lead to such destructive behaviors as barking, chewing, and scratching furniture and doors. Mid-day walks allow your dog to release some of their built up energy, which then results in a calm and well behaved dog at home.