Testimonials and Reviews


Paul Bronold, DVM
Animal Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, AL

The Miller family truly are dog lovers!! I have had the pleasure of knowing David and Tina Miller for several years now and have also had the honor of being their Veterinarian. Whether it means fostering an animal who is in need of a good home, volunteering with The Humane Society of West Alabama, or going above and beyond for their own personal pets, they are AMAZING!! Their love for animals is incredible and any fur baby under their watch would be in great hands!!


Mike Royer
Managing Editor, WVUA 23 News
The University of Alabama

Among the many pleasures I’ve enjoyed by coming to work at the University of Alabama is getting to know and work with Tina Miller. Tina is a weekly guest on WVUA23 News at 5:00. Our “Pet of the Week” segment is very popular with our viewers.  Tina, who volunteers with the Humane Society of West Alabama, adds so much to the segment with her personality and knowledge. Each week she brings an adoptable pet to our studio for a segment about rescuing animals, the importance of spaying and neutering, and general compassion for animals. The dogs she brings with her are almost always placed in a loving home soon after appearing on our newscast.  Above all, Tina’s love for animals comes through in everything she says and does.

I’m excited to hear about David and Tina Miller’s wonderful new service they are offering through Recess 4 Rover. While I understand that this venture is primarily a dog walking service, I know that it will be much more than that. The Millers have a true love for animals and will love your dog like they love their own.  In these busy times I know many professionals are not able to be home to check on and exercise their dogs like they would like to.  Recess 4 Rover will solve those concerns, and I can’t think of anyone you could trust more with your beloved pet and your home and property.  I know, like me, you’ll enjoy your relationship with the Millers and Recess 4 Rover.


Rick Ousley
Pastor, Gracepoint Church

No one... and I mean no one... loves, knows, and cares for dogs like Tina and David Miller! This amazing couple has the unique ability and affection to be perfect partners for your canine’s journey for holistic health. They are compassionate people of character who are completely dependable with your trust. What a treat for your pet... Recess4Rover!


Betty Freeman
HSWA Board Member
Dog Adoption Coordinator

Tina and I have volunteered together for many years on the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of West Alabama.  I have seen her love and devotion to dogs in person and know how good and patient she is working with animals.  Tina is so responsible and gives it 100% to any endeavor she has been put in charge of for the Humane Society.  I would trust her with my dogs and for anyone that knows me, that is saying a lot!!!!!


Billy Swift
First Client

I love Recess4Rover! My dog Cooper is very active and loves to run and play. His favorite part of the day is going on a long walk around the neighborhood. It's great coming home in the evening knowing Cooper has had his excercise for the day. I'm so thankful for David and Tina!